Agella Beauty is a family owned and operated business and was inspired by the beautiful nature and simplicity of local farms in San Diego, California.

Agella Beauty believes the benefits of using the purest ingredients possible that will help decrease the impact these chemicals have on our environment and will save your skin from harmful, unnecessary chemicals.

Agella Beauty has a higher standard and a proud Certified member of The Leaping Bunny organization which gives our customers the best assurance that Agella Beauty has made a genuine commitment to help end animal testing.

Our ingredients come from nature and we would never want to create a product that harms the source of its ingredients. Our products return to nature with zero negative environmental impact. Our products are also safe for your skin. Each product is formulated with specifically chosen botanicals to capture the active, skin-nourishing properties of plant. Our therapeutic essential oils and botanical essences, display nature’s subtle variations in color and scent. These botanical nutrients are blended with advanced formulation in their complex yet balanced form to work together and restore healthy skin.

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